Walk the High Line onto the BLVD at Neiman Marcus Hudson Yards

The luxury destination BLVD is a one-stop beauty hub designed for busy professionals, brilliantly conceived by Robin Moraetes, of DREAMDRY

BLVD at Neiman Marcus at Hudson Yards.

BLVD at Neiman Marcus at Hudson Yards.

BLVD—an acronym for “beauty, luxury, variety, and destination”—has arrived for busy urban professionals who dread having to go to more than one place to prepare their look for an event or simply keep up with their beauty maintenance. No doubt every woman has asked herself, Why can’t there be just one place where I can get a blowout and manicure and get my brows and lashes done?

And that’s where Robin Moraetes comes in. The captivating entrepreneur is a powerhouse, standing tall at five-foot-three. But don’t let her petite frame fool you, because she is a true nonstop-working Wonder Woman, who created and grew a chain of hairstyling and blowout salons called DREAMDRY, along with her friend and partner, the celebrated reality-star stylist and designer Rachel Zoe, to its current massive success. But BLVD is the sole beauty brainchild envisioned by Moraetes.

Moraetes, too, craved a one-stop shop for beauty, not just to save time and money (as less travel equals fewer dollars spent on transportation) but to simplify her beauty upkeep. So, knowing that women would follow in droves, she thought, Hey, I’ll just build it. Obviously, it took a lot more than just a whim, but with a few years of planning, acquiring, and curating, and through crazy hours of hard work, Moraetes opened her first BLVD haven last month, within the house of Neiman Marcus in the famed Short Hills Mall, in Paramus, New Jersey. And her second BLVD destination opened its glass doors, on the seventh floor of the new awe-inspiring Neiman Marcus at 20 Hudson Yards, on Thursday, when 15,000 New Yorkers showed up to ring in the impressive and long-awaited department-store opening.

BLVD houses four different roads to beautifying: DREAMDRY, for hair; Spruce & Bond, for laser treatments, waxing, brows, and face peels; Pucker, for eyelash extensions and touch-ups (using only the highest-quality lashes); and Valley, for all types of manicures, from standard to gel to nail art (using toxin-free, cruelty-free, 100-percent-natural products), and waterless manicures and pedicures. Yup, waterless—and they are actually quite fabulous! But why waterless? I’m sorry to be a tease, but I suggest you try it to know it, as you will love it, too.

BLVD might be the most convenient beauty environment, providing luxury experiences all under one roof, created for all the women of New York and New Jersey (and visitors, of course), to help them beautify hassle-and headache-free, and then shop! Welcome to the BLVD.