By Saving Your Hair, You Just Might Be Saving Your Life, and Lars Skjoth of Harklinikken Is Now Here to Help

Harklinikken, the exceptional, world-renowned hair clinic from Copenhagen, Denmark, has finally opened its doors in the U.S., starting with a grand flagship in New York City.

Harklinikken flagship on Fifth Avenue, N.Y.C. All photographs by Leifur Wilberg/Sahara, Iceland.

Harklinikken flagship on Fifth Avenue, N.Y.C. All photographs by Leifur Wilberg/Sahara, Iceland.

Known as the place to go to save the hair you have left and then gain some back, Harklinikken is a destination that everyone should know about, and it is now in New York City. Situated in the heart of the Flatiron district, on the third floor of 139 Fifth Avenue, its sprawling 6,000 square feet of floor-through space is quite grand but somehow very cozy in feeling and wonderfully welcoming in decor. That is where Lars Skjoth, Harklinikken’s founder and head of research and development, comes in. Skjoth is, in fact, the scientist behind his miraculous product, and he made sure to bring his hygge touch Stateside.

Emblematic of the brand’s Danish heritage and having a sleek and classic New York aesthetic, the interior-design firm Soren Rose Studio was commissioned to bring about the facility’s welcoming architectural environment. Comprising natural materials such as wood, iron, marble, and glass, and complete with iconic Danish furniture created by famous designers, space boasts a distinct Scandinavian design. The spa-like setting is calming and friendly, enabling clients to feel safe while disclosing their hair-loss issues.

But this soft touch doesn’t just apply to the warm atmosphere Skjoth has created but also to his approach with his clients. He is very kind, understanding, and caring, and I ought to know, because I have been a patient of his since 2017, due to the loss of my hair after having some difficult health issues.

Harklinikken flagship, N.Y.C. interiors (click on images to view).

Having experienced rapid growth and extraordinary results in his homeland, and then in Iceland and Dubai, Skjoth knew that his crossing the Atlantic would benefit Americans too. And now, with satellite locations in Los Angeles and Tampa and now the flagship in New York, he is fully committed to helping women in need of addressing this tough and sensitive issue. “We are thrilled to finally have a Harklinikken clinic in one of the greatest cities in the world,” says Skjoth. “When we first tested the waters in N.Y.C., we were overwhelmed by the response, and it became crystal clear that we would need a much larger operation to address the high demand for our hair regrowth service and desire for healthier, thicker hair.”

How does it work? Well, first off, one must understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to Harklinikken methods, as every bottle of hair tonic is customized and tailor-made for each individual—no two bottles are formulated the same way. During the initial consultation, either with the founder himself or one of his team of dedicated scalp-and-hair specialists, it is determined whether one qualifies for the treatment, and, if so, a nontoxic, odorless formula free of flakiness and sticky residue is then created using Harklinikken’s plant-based and milk-derived proprietary ingredients. And the system is affordable, so no one should wait. The system is also observed as a preventive measure to losing hair, very much like the use of anti-aging creams in skincare, and not wait until the hair loss is noticeable.

Having treating countless clients around the world, Skjoth profoundly understands the traumatic experience of hair loss in women. That is why he created a beautiful place, a safe haven, for them to speak of their problems with ease. This support system at Harklinikken is the heart and pride of the brand.

Hair loss a serious issue, especially for women, because it can lead to devastating impairments to their lives. Sadly, it is often an unspoken topic, because it happens to fall into the category of shame, and shame can lead to lack of self-love and even drive one to depression. Unless it is addressed and dealt with, it can start to have a grave effect on one’s self-image, attitude toward others, and entire livelihood. Whether hair loss is genetic or driven by stress or other traumatic health issues, I can promise that Harklinikken can help because I am a walking role model of it and an advocate of this revolutionary brand.

Lars Skjoth, Harklinikken’s founder and head of research and development.

Lars Skjoth, Harklinikken’s founder and head of research and development.