Beauty from the Sea, by the Sea

Inspired by the sea and the coastlines, these fragrances and face and body accoutrements are worth diving into.

Bastide - Rose Olivier Eau de Toilette

A “Rose Olivier” is a rose bush that grows intertwined with an olive tree in the South of France, a symbiotic marriage where their branches and aromas come together as one soul. This floral green scent evokes sheer delight with an element of surprise where the petal scent takes on woody notes from its olive companion. It is indeed nuanced rose unlike any other, brought to you with love by the brand’s founders, Shirin Von Wulffen and Frédéric Fekkai. Price: $130 (3.4 oz.);


BioEffect - Micellar Cleansing Water

Inspired by the Iceland landscape, home of the famed Blue Lagoon, this new cleansing water harnesses the purity of Icelandic waters. Geologically filtered through layers of inert volcanic lava, the Icelandic water used in this product is actually centuries-old snowfall, making it one of the purest and most abundant of Iceland’s natural resources. Combined with effective hydrators, it gently yet effectively removes makeup and cleanses your complexion without drying or irritating even the most sensitive of skin. I’d chase this waterfall, ja! Price: $70 (200 ml.);

Chantecaille - Limited Edition Summer Amalfi Coast Collection

Just in time for summer travels to the Amalfi Coast, La Sirena Bronzer and Luminescent Eye Shade is in order for days and nights to remember. To enhance the look of sun-soaked eternal summer, the bronzer is formulated with a pearl pigment that’s milled so finely, it mimics the skin tone and accentuates high points. There’s also the shimmering, gel-powder formulated eyeshadows, made to mimic the glittering Mediterranean Sea. We say, “bravissimo!” Price: $78 for La Sirena Bronzer, $48 each for Luminescent Eye Shades;

La Mer - Blue Heart Limited Edition Crème de La Mer

La Mer continues its ongoing mission of bringing awareness to efforts to save the ocean. Through their Blue Heart Oceans Fund this year, they concentrated on Azores Islands, Grenada, and the East China Sea. Expressing their love for the beauty of the sea, the jar is an artistic homage depicting sea fans and shapes of coral in the shimmering sea water. Another jar collected. Price: $475 (3.4 fl. oz.);

Strangelove NYC - silencethesea

Creator of niche perfumes, Elizabeth Gaynes captures a marine note blended fragrance that is profound. The fragrances harness a lover’s gaze—soundless yet eternal—a creative direction realized by Helena Christensen. This potion is deep and warm as if it’s sourced from the soul of the ocean. Musky notes of ambergris, rare oud, and a whiff of white truffle, followed by true tuberose and a salty splash of jasmine, make up this unique scent that feels primal. Housed in a pale sea-blue lacquered box with a 24-karat gold-plated bottle cap, it’s indeed a statement of immortal love. Price: $475 (50 ml.);


Ren - Atlantic Kelp and Microalgae Anti-Fatigue Toning Body Oil

This rich, moisturizing body oil is formulated with a nourishing blend from the sea. Atlantic kelp extract, rich in sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, along with microalgae oil and red algae extract, is then added with Ren’s proprietary blend anti-fatigue essential oils to make up this incredible skin replenisher. Locking in moisture while promoting elasticity and silky-smooth skin, it’s a crowd-pleasing deep-dive into de-stressing. Price: $50 (100 ml.);


Rodin Olio Lusso - Mermaid Collection

As a creative agent, a man of all artistic tricks and trade, Donald Robertson was inspired. Simplicity (Donald) met whimsy (Linda Rodin, the founder of Rodin), and from there, beauty met art. Born under the astrological sign of Pisces, Rodin, who always exudes radiance and effortless style, has long believed that she had been a mermaid in a previous life. True story. So, she surrounds herself with items from the sea, such as glowing seashells and shiny pearls, and artistic friends. Donald Robertson, a fellow Pisces, found inspiration in her fantasy, and put his paintbrushes to work on the new Mermaid collection. With lustrous shades promoting radiant skin and body, glistening lips, and glowing cheeks, along with the playful packaging colorfully depicted by Robertson, it’s a keeper from its shell to the gems inside. Price range: $25-$90;


Wander Beauty - Wanderess Fever Eye and Face Palette

Model-turned-cosmetics-guru Lindsay Ellingson the co-founder of Wander Beauty, found inspiration while on vacation in Tulum to create this wanderlust-worthy palette. Drawing from a scene at sunset by the sea, the palette instantly transports you from deskside to beachside. “We wanted to create a palette that could go with you anywhere and create any look, from day to night, and beyond,” said co-founder Divya Gugnani. To boot, the ingredients are infused with skin-loving ingredients including mango-seed butter (India) and vitamin E (Germany) to revitalize and moisturize, so that your makeup does more than just add color. And the palette cover photo? Taken by Ellingson, natch! Price: $36;

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