The Nue Co Founder Takes on Anti-Stress with Supplements in the Form of Fragrance

Meet the young founder of the Nue Co, Jules Miller, a transplant from England who is giving us a new perspective on wellness and vitamins.

Founder of Nue Co, Jules Miller at her Soho store; Functional Fragrance

Founder of Nue Co, Jules Miller at her Soho store; Functional Fragrance

Situated in a lofty environment that is expansive but streamlined, a visitor might spend a lot more time at this shop than anticipated. Enter the Nue Co Supplement Store, on West Broadway in Soho, which opened a couple of months ago, but be warned—it will be hard to stop at buying only one thing, as you will find very helpful advisers guiding (not pressuring) you throughout the categories. You might even catch the discerning but adorably bright-eyed young woman, founder Jules Miller, attending to customers herself.  

“We make supplements from real food. No chemicals, no fillers—no exceptions” is the company’s motto, and when you go to their web site the message is clear and linear without nonsensical bells and taglines.

Utilizing its highly experienced lab in England, the Nue Co initially launched in Miller’s native land in 2017, then tested the U.S. market via Net-a-Porter, where it immediately became one of the best-selling brands in the health-and-beauty category. “We were thrilled and delighted as they kept selling out,” says Miller. “We found that the American urbanites are a lot more in tune with their health and wellness needs, a lot more than the Brits.”

Miller’s grandfather was a scientist, a developer of vitamins and supplements, but he noticed how averse he was to taking them himself. Miller soon learned that, truth be told, 50 percent of the ingredients in most supplements are actually just chemical preservatives and fillers. Miller herself suffered from I.B.S., and the dream to find the cure, the healthy way, was soon to be fulfilled.

Fast-forward to the brand’s line of food-based supplements, born of that determined belief that there had to be a better way, and the aim to redefine people’s relationship with what they put into their bodies. All of the products are made with plants and milk proteins from whole-food sources that are easily digested and more readily absorbed, derived from a clean scientific formula. Plus, they’re organic and approved by the Soil Association—gotta love that!

“We believe that taking supplements should feel like a treat, not a chore. Remember, supplements are there to give you what is lacking in your diet if it’s not balanced, but if it is you are fine,” says Miller and the Nue Co team. And, as one might guess, Miller no longer suffers from I.B.S., having been treating her body right with clean probiotics from her product line. What are the best-sellers? Debloat Food + Prebiotic (Natch! Anything with the word, “debloat”) and Prebiotic + Probiotic, along with Sleep Drops, and fans can’t seem to live without the Travel Kit.

And, just launched, the anti-stress aroma Functional Fragrance is the first anti-stress supplement delivered in the form of a scent. Gotta love the concept. As we all know, “scent” is one of the fastest ways to alter emotional and physiological body states. It triggers neural pathways connected to feelings of calm and reassurance, to lower cortisol levels, so why not develop a scent that can do just that without the harmful chemicals? Enter legendary perfumer Frank Voelkl, from the global fragrance house Firmenich, along with research from the Brain & Behavior Laboratory at the University of Geneva, to create a fragrance with a function. “This fragrance is not like a typical perfume. It’s not one you would get from a designer or a crowd-pleaser fragrance. The intention here was to create something that felt more organic and natural. For me, this is a scent, not a perfume. It’s a scent to promote well-being,” Voelkl explains.

The fragrance smells clean, woody, spicy, and smoky, with notes of green cardamom, iris, palo santo, violet, and cedarwood, resulting in a unisex scent that can be used throughout the day or during moments of high stress. Clearly, this is a must-sniff. Then there’s the Sleep Kit, which includes the anxiety-reducing Sleep Drops, made with catnip and passionflower, along with tension-easing spray, with which three sprays deliver 45 milligrams of essential magnesium, to help power down with ease. And everything is housed in recyclable dark-glass jars, instead of plastic containers with chemical preservatives.

It’s clear—the Nue Co supplements and tinctures are tailored-made for busy people, and, most likely, those reading this article who are in need of simplicity. So go take a walk on the wildly healthy side, which will not overwhelm you but streamline your approach to a better lifestyle. Why? Well, because it feels excellent from the inside-out.

The Sleep Kit; Jules Miller.

The Sleep Kit; Jules Miller.