The Nail Guru JINSoon Debuts Her Mamagami Collection

Inspired by her mother’s Origami sculptures, Jin Soon Choi dazzles us all going into spring and summer.

JINSoon Nails Mamagami Collection for Spring and Summer.

JINSoon Nails Mamagami Collection for Spring and Summer.

If you are well-versed on the fashion scene, you would know how much the nail expert and aesthetic-style guru Jin Soon Choi is adored and cherished by many top fashion designers. A solid fixture backstage for Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, and Phillip Lim, to name a few, Jin Soon is also sought after by an elite group of photographers and directors including Steven Meisel and Fabien Baron, for ad campaigns and magazine editorials, and she is continuously inspired by all of the artists she gets to work with. But for this spring-and-summer season, she looked homeward to create her Mamagami nail collection.

Jin Soon’s mother picked up a hobby at the age of 80: origami! It might have started with a simple crane motif or a flower, but it has multiplied into full-bloom sculptures, such as vases, bowls, and multi-tiered topiaries 10 years in. Delighted by her mother’s creations, Jin Soon was inspired to conceive four very happy and bright colors to play with names like Winky, Tweety, Pinky, and Dotty, which offer cheerful, versatile hues with a bit of confetti that you can mix, match, and layer. This mother-and-daughter twosome never looked so bright!

Here is the breakdown of colors by JINSoon Nails.

Winky: a mix of pink, coral, and red that symbolizes fun, pride, creativity, and independence

Tweety: a bright pastel yellow that mimics the color of the beginning of spring and forsythia flowers, which inspires hope and happiness

Pinky: a dainty and delicate petal-flower pink, which is versatile for every season and every skin tone

Dotty: a colorful confetti in a multifaceted mélange, and a modern interpretation of traditional origami

Go see them for yourself, and bring your mom! She would be charmed to hear the story behind this collection. There are four JINSoon nail salons in N.Y.C., so you are covered.