Emily Weiss Invites You to Step into Glossier, as in the New Concept Store

Stairway to Glossier’s beauty haven. Can you say “#ImIntoIt?”

Entrance to Glossier flagship.

Entrance to Glossier flagship.

Welcome to Glossier’s new beauty flagship, the two-story retail space at 123 Lafayette Street, opens to the public today, November 8. That’s the very place where it all began!

It’s clear Emily Weiss, the founder, and C.E.O. of Glossier, has been very busy opening up the space where the young entrepreneur began her now-known-to-be-epic creation that took the beauty world by storm. Is it safe to say she created a beauty empire? Yes, very. Back in 2010, it was the little makeup brand that could, and it climbed every mountain, and then some, at record speed. And now Weiss starts a new chapter in her beauty fairy-tale book. When I asked her what this store means to her, “It’s life! And it’s alive,” Weiss stated with a beaming smile filled with pride and joy.

Flagship 2.jpg

In a collaborative effort in concept, the eye-catching flagship was designed by Gachot Studios with architecture by P.R.O. Once inside, the store revolves around “the touch and feel” of the products in real life and in real time, with friends, in person—not just through digital, online orders. It was created as an immersive community space where fans of the brand can get to know Glossier’s character in its entirety, as well as get to know each other and speak of their Glossier favorites and why. According to Weiss, “It’s both a physical and sensorial embodiment of what makes Glossier Glossier.” Their whole store agenda was created for customers, who will be able to hang out with Glossier’s “Offline Editors” and test and shop the products in their own universe, which includes an experiential “Boy Brow Room.”

It is clear it’s a beauty fun house made for all genders. But hey, millennials and Gen-Z, I think this beauty bud is made especially for you. And me? Well, I am certainly not a millennial, but I drank the Kool-Aid a long time ago.